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What the hell are my panties doing on the floor in your room?! They were taken out of the laundry basket, look at how wet and worn they look! You’ve taken these from the wash basket and you’ve jacked off into them, that’s what you’ve done, don’t try to tell me you’ve “spilled water on them!”… You have a crush on me? What?!… Really?… Well I didn’t like to say anything but… I kinda feel the same way… Wouldn’t it bother you though that we could never tell anybody about us? We couldn’t hold hands in public or kiss and cuddle… well we could go somewhere where nobody knows us, and act just like boyfriend and girlfriend couldn’t we? It’s so wrong though, I mean, we are family! Brother and sister’s shouldn’t be doing this… Do you want me to go down on you? Want me to suck your cock?… How about I show you my pussy? Do you like my body? I want to give you all of me. Let me sit on your cock… This is so exciting and dirty and… and… RUNNING TIME 37 MINS. LOT’S OF SIBLING DIRTY TALK AND MUCH MORE

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sydneyharwin-sister-2018-07-07 hgNIrS Preview

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